We assist clients with all aspects of family law matters and divorce including complex property and debt division, child and spousal support and parenting issues. We offer the following family law services, customized to the needs of each client:

Collaborative Family Law: an effective alternative to litigation and adversarial divorce.  

Couples Agree to:

  • Not to go to court or engage in adversarial behaviour
  • Communicate with honesty and respect
  • Make a sincere effort to understand each other's needs and concerns
  • Promptly disclose all relevant information
  • Work  together towards satisfactory and sustainable outcomes

Mediation: a process that individuals can use to resolve their disputes with the assistance of a neutral mediator.

  • It is a practical, flexible and confidential process
  • The parties are in control and make the decisions about the terms of their agreement
  • The agreement reached and signed at mediation is legally binding and an alternative to going to court

Negotiated Agreements: the most cost effective way for couples to resolve their disputes.

  • The agreements include:  Cohabitation, Marriage, Separation, Co-ownership of Property, Adoption, and Assisted Reproductive Technology Agreements
  • We assist clients negotiate a fair agreement and we prepare the agreement
  • Once signed the agreements are legally binding

Unbundled Legal Services -  limited retainer services for specific and limited family law issues. The client only pays for the services provided, which can include: 

  • Assessment of the case and a written legal opinion on the law, options and risks
  • Negotiated settlements- advice on the rights and responsibilities of the client so that they are better informed when negotiating a settlement
  • Independent legal advice - review of negotiated agreements before signing and advice on the fairness of the agreement
  • Court Applications - assistance with drafting a court application or responding to a court application, drafting affidavits, financial documents and preparing for the hearing
  • Divorce Order Applications (uncontested)
  • Assistance with preparing for:
    • mediation
    • arbitration
    • trial and appellate court proceedings


We understand that legal fees can be costly, especially for families going through transitions such as separation and divorce. Our aim is to ensure we provide efficient and cost effective services.  Wherever possible we provide flat fee services to provide legal advice and have your documents drafted by an experienced lawyer for a set price, without any hidden fees or surcharges.

For matters that are more complex and/or are contested, a flat fee retainer may not be appropriate. In those cases, we bill for our services on an hourly rate and work to avoid uncertainty by keeping our billing transparent and up-to-date.

For those clients with limited financial resources, we provide unbundled legal services, payment plans and sliding scale fees for mediations. To determine the best payment option we will work with you to create customized arrangement.