Zahra H. Jimale, Lawyer, Mediator & Educator

I am a family law lawyer, collaborative divorce lawyer, mediator and an educator. I assist individuals and couples engaged in family law disputes find beneficial and sustainable outcomes. I am very passionate about what I do and strongly believe in avoiding adversarial models of dispute resolution. I have extensive experience negotiating and drafting complex cohabitation, marriage, and separation agreements and have appeared before all levels of courts in British Columbia. My extensive family law litigation background informs my work as a mediator and a collaborative divorce lawyer and more importantly my strongly held belief that family law issues do not belong in a court room. 

I am dedicated to the improvement of access to justice for all and effecting positive social changes. I sit on several committees and boards whose mandate reflects my aspirations on education and the use of non-adversarial dispute resolution. I enjoy sharing my passions through education. I provide cost free family law seminars to the public. I teach Family Law at Peter A. Allard School of Law (UBC) and Family and Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives at Royal Roads University. I am completing my Masters in Law in Alternative Dispute Resolution at Osgoode Hall Law School to further advance my knowledge and skills to provide my clients with advanced and innovative no court methods of resolving disputes. 

As a proud parent of two teens and as someone who has experienced a litigious divorce, I am well aware of the challenges of using the court system to resolve separation and divorce disputes.  I know first-hand how an adversarial process destroys individuals and families. This is why I am dedicated to helping clients find sustainable solutions and avoid the pitfalls of lengthy, emotionally damaging and costly litigation.

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